Learn, play and connect with your children!

Do you want your children to enjoy learning everything they need for school?

Find your essential digital companion in Kharty.

Enjoy by their side playing and creating content.

Distance learning

Play with your children

Kharty allows you to play with your children while they learn from the comfort of your home. Select if you want to do a challenge or a group game.

Follow them up

Analyze the progress of your children's learning. Kharty gives you the opportunity to do it and know your progress at all times.

Create your own contents

Help your child to study. You can create your own content and share it with your friends and colleagues.

Have fun and learn with your children

Kharty is an App to play and learn as a family. Encourage your children's learning through competitiveness and the development of digital skills.

Reinforce your children's knowledge:

Assign games to learn.

Contents for your educational review.

Analyze their progress in learning.

Virtual rewards.

Improve their motivation and advance in education.

Kharty supports you in the school development of your children.

Create your own content

Take a picture or add one from your photo gallery
Add new terms to the diagram
Share it with whoever you want!

Ready to boost your classes?