The numerous technological changes that have occurred in recent years have made us rethink the skills that we need in order to be able to progress in our daily work. 

As teachers, it is important for us to be able to navigate the digital world effectively and improve our knowledge in online learning. This will allow us to gain student learning benefits and be successful in our teaching. These 5 tips can help improve and strengthen e-learning skills. 

Us educators should be aware of two significant changes that are present in learning: the role and methodology that is used during instruction. Our main role is to be facilitators that help develop learning spaces with our students. 

Teachers already have the knowledge and training to teach, but we must also be able to have the skills that will allow us to teach via technology successfully. 

Adapting to new learning technologies is never easy; however, the following 5 tips can help us in reaching our e-learning goals:

  1. Digital literacy: Us teachers should know how to identify, save, organize, analyze, and evaluate the importance of digital information. This can be supplemented with attending workshops to learn about the importance of educational technology. An example of using technology in the classroom is working with Google Drive, which allows students to create, edit, and share online projects with each other. 
  2. Share Knowledge: Knowing about the best practices and e-learning technologies allows the teacher to foster an informed and collaborative community. With Kharty, teachers can create learning content, assign game quizzes, and track students’ learning progress. 
  3. Prepare for changes: One of the most fundamental skills needed is adaptability to change. And to help with becoming more versed in the digital world, platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, and Google Activate offer many courses that can help improve our digital skills. 
  4. Create content for learning: Knowing how to create and edit new content and translate previous material to digital platforms can provide students with a more diverse and dynamic learning style. For example, using Canvas as a digital tool can help with creating content in multiple visual formats. 
  5. Resolve problems and learn from students: Technical issues can arise, such as the internet crashing, device malfunctioning, or the platform being used for teaching freezes. To help avoid these issues, we can use to check our network speed and performance. However, emphasis should be placed on reaching a solution and not losing the focus of learning. It is also important to have students to help us and allow them to demonstrate their tech savvy skills. 

Kharty allows us to apply these 5 tips. It is an online application that looks to support teachers and students with e-learning through game quizzes in which both teachers and students can create. Teachers can assign quizzes and track students’ learning progress while students can learn at home and in class while encouraging a little bit of friendly competition. Remember to download Kharty and start using it in your classrooms.